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Welcome to Sri Lanka, an Island of Paradise, Beauty and Natural Prosperity! Sri Lanka is known for Exotic and Amazing Beaches.

Earlier, Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon. It is surrounded by holy Buddhist temples and fascinating ancient ruins and blue oceans. There exists diversity in culture but people of Sri Lanka are very welcoming.

Sri Lanka is very colourful in sense of famous tea, tusked elephants, rolling and dangerous ocean full of aquatic species and silky silver sand and lunatic beaches.

So, let’s discover with Karuya BhramanTea, the most attractive and memory build island, Sri Lanka!!

Culture/Folk and Untapped place

Explore the untapped place and meet the people of different culture. Enjoy and tap the floor with colorful and various dance forms.

Fearful Wildlife and Amazing Forests

Enter into amazing dense forests from God Nature’s Lap, making friends with wildlife creatures and knowing them closely. Be Fearless…!!

₹ 50,000

Old and Ancient Cities

Once upon a time, when there lived a King and had a huge and beautiful kingdom. Till today, it is a must visit place for tourists. It is still maintained and kept as it was. The phrase correctly fits for these places “Old is Gold”.


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