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Republic of Croatia, the most glamourous destination. Karuya BhramanTea’ s journey begins within the heart of the Croatia Zagreb, lively capital city.

Zagreb, includes a number of the foremost desired destinations among the country. It is centre of youth, where people beats on their pulse. It is one of the oldest city of Croatia. Zagreb hides romantic walks with wide views. St. Mark’s square is a square located in capital. Lotrščak Tower, is one of the oldest building in Zagreb. It is a must visit place as it depicts old Croatia as it was built in 13th century.

Plitvice Lakes Parkland unveils ever-changing landscapes culminating within the natural surprise of this UNESCO site wherever the mist, created by a number of the parks’ 16 cascading lakes, on the winding wood methods will soothe away the daily stress.  Crossing the mountains, the journey reaches to Zadar, an ancient coastal town that impresses with its impeccable mix of ancient history and trendy marvels just like the distinctive ocean Organ.

Continued down the coastline, Sibenik, Trogir and Split boasts the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Sites, standing monuments to Croatia’s long history.

Krka Parkland, the prettiest place with wealthy soil gifting away prized wines and native delicacies. The tour ends on historic alleys and far-famed medieval town walls of the UNESCO site old city Dubrovnik. optional tours from Dubrovnik embracing each day’s trip to Montenegro.

The coast dotted with historic cities like Perast and Kotor, or to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, far-famed for the foremost well-known bridge within the Balkans, the UNESCO site old Bridge over river Neretva.

Exotic and Beautiful Beaches

Deep Dive into blue green water, making memorable moments, these places are romantic, relaxing and full of water sports activities. Best destinations for couples and family and chill out with amigos.

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Old and Ancient Cities

Once upon a time, when there lived a King and had a huge and beautiful kingdom. Till today, it is a must visit place for tourists. It is still maintained and kept as it was. The phrase correctly fits for these places “Old is Gold”.

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