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Karuya BhramanTea is a venture, started by a dream to fulfil “Dreams To Travel The World”.

We vision to bring world to you just in baby steps, leaving your footprints in sweet memories.  

Here, we are to give you best corporate and executive deals, distinctive experiences, and thoughtful insights with the wide –range of packages.

Karuya BhramanTea was started in 2018, with perfect blend of National as well as International Tours.

Who We Are

Karuya BhramanTea is your most well-travelled friend, the one with elegant style and within connections and reach. Who you call once you need advice on where to travel, where to stay, and what to try and do once you get there. We travel.

There’s nothing we’d rather do with our spare time, and we’re guessing you feel the same. but it’s a wide, wide world, and dealing out where to travel and where to stay can extremely eat into that precious time. That’s why we founded “Karuya BhramanTea.” We’re here to offer you corporate executive access, expert knowledge, and exclusive deals on the travel experiences. we are discerning curators, which means we only recommend places we love and would visit once more.

Karuya BhramanTea Verified

The Karuya BhramanTea Verified means one amongst our editors, correspondents or tourists has stayed at the property and confirmed it meets our standards. They take a look at the things we all care about when we book hotels: room, bed, ambience, bathroom (shower pressure), the concierge’s local information, the cocktails, etc.

Karuya BhramanTea correspondents recognize their stuff and they don’t mince their words: if breakfast’s better down the road or the WiFi’s spotty, they’ll tell you. And if a hotel isn’t up to scratch, you won’t find it on our Karuya BhramanTea Verified list. What we say, we prove it.

Karuya BhramanTea Approved

We, Karuya BhramanTea, has our own standards, which we always take care to be maintained. The Karuya BhramanTea Approved stamp means that a hotel meets our criteria — it’s an enormous personality, nice vogue and a sense of place — but we haven’t slept there ourselves yet. Have you? Please tell us what you thought by emailing support@karuyabhramantea.com — the same goes for any property on our site.


Let us inspire you. Our Blog is packed with travel articles, itineraries, photography, and interviews to assist you select the proper destination and set up what to try and do once you get there.

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